Photo Album I
Just a few pictures illustrating our Cattery, our Cats and some of our favourite
people, new owners and their cats.
Outback &
his USA Mum
-           Ellyn
Rockin' Siamese
Za, the Russian blue &
his mate, Pete
Ayesha, a very pretty chocolate point
Siamese now living at Canberra with
Justin Caldwell
Who's cooking tonight ?
Give me a Nipple !!!
Masaki and Minka settled in to their new home with
Nyree and Peter Reynolds at Blayney. And aren't
they growing in to very nice seal point Siamese boys !!
Our Matriarch, Orielle's  second
daughter, Kalinya Pina Colada, born
9.4.1992 - known as "Tilly" and lived
with Connie and Peter in Wollongong.
Daisy, a choc pt female DOB 120905,  in
the arms of Imogen - one of Daisy's
slaves from her Sydney home. Nice
looking  couple aren't they !!
Charlotte with her new seal point
male, Nuggett & being tempted by
others to take them too !!
Angilie, chocolate pt female, with her new
owner Elise, whilst visiting siblings check the
place out.
Michele, Yasmin & Joshua with
their seal point kitten, Clara
that Santa Clause  delivered to
their home a little before
Our best ever Siamese to the Breed Standard !!
As at 19th April 2007, KWANTUS arrived in his
new home with Kathi & Bill Hoos, Blakewood
Cattery, Pennsylvania, USA.
Our thanks to Michelle Coates (Coates Pet
Transport), Quantas, Kennel Club USA, &
American Airlines for ensuring the safe arrival of
our Kalinya baby. Out of his transport crate & in
to Kathi's arms WITH PURR is what we breeders
love to hear.
And of of course, VERY WELL DONE KWANTUS !!
You want laid back!! Well this Kalinya boy, Saba
and his companion Sophie show you how it can be
done. They just love each other :)
Then along came Kwantus' daughter Oriemme, and grandson  Dante !!
WOW!! ...WOW!! ...WOW!!
Oriemme 030512
Oriemme and Dante 220912
Dante, December 2012
Dante, December 2012
Dante, December 2012
Dante  241112
Lucy and Hazel day 1 in their new
home with Amie & Jay 081113
Christmas 2014 with the Ward Family girls and  Lulu the English
Pointer and Nala, a Kalinya Siamese
                         With Tony being such a longtime South Sydney
                         Rabbitohs supporter, the birth of Oriemme's
                         litter on his birthday culminates a week of celebrating
the NRL 2014 Premiers following their victory over the Canterbury
Bulldogs Oct 5th.
Likely names for the babies are Burgess, Sutton, Inglis and Madge or
maybe Glory or just maybe Madge Glory !!!
Bev reckons I just can't help myself....and she is most likely right :)
After 43 years I deserve to celebrate !!!!!!!!
Oriemme with her babies day 2,
121014.....Auntie Milla closeby.
Proud parents to be of George and Charlotte at their
visit 180916.