In July 2003, KALINYA Cattery was provided by birth, two beautiful seal point Siamese males who
became known as Minka and Masaki. These were the names chosen by their owners-to-be Nyree and
Peter Reynolds. From the first time we met with this wonderful couple we knew that a lifelong
friendship had begun. Animal lovers united !! So much so that Kalinya Ra now also resides with them.

So why do we mention just one of the many couples that we have met through the years of enjoying
our hobby of breeding Siamese cats?

As it happens, Nyree has a very special talent of reproducing animal portraits from photographs as
well as being an exceptional artist of the Gamillaroi Nation.

We would therefore like to introduce Nyree to Australia and theWorld, and devote this web page to
her talent.
Nyree (Ngari)
I am an indigenous woman of the Gamillaroi Nation. My family come from the Warrumbungle
Mountains, Coonabarabran, North West New South Wales, Australia.
My pet portraits are inspired by the love I have for my pets, the desire to immortalise in pastel
the love other people have for their pets, and to keep my pets in the lifestyle to which they
have become accustomed.
I live in Blayney, a small town in Central Western New South
Wales, with my husband Peter, and our pets. We have a son
and daughter who are both married. Our daughter's love of
pets has given us many "grandpets" while our son's IT
prowess has given us the way to record all my paintings ontop
the website he designed for us. We are all part of each others,
who we were, who we are, and who we will be.
There has never been a time when I didn't have at least one
pet to share my life with. We now share our lives with 20
pets; our dogs, cats, horses, sheep and goat. This is why I
need to paint - starving in garrets is not on their agenda!
Peter and I facilitate art workshops for intellectually and
physically disabled adults in the Central West. I am also a
Community Artist and have created several projects within
the local and wider communities. Through my work with
Disability Art I was asked by the Department of Disability,
Ageing and Home Care to be one of their eight State
Ambassadors for Seniors Week 2005.
I have had solo exhibitions and I have participated in and
curated many group exhibitions. I taught Aboriginal Art at
TAFE and am a member of Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-op.
My work is in collections in USA, UK, Hong Kong and
Being an Aboriginal woman of the Gamillaroi Nation I like to
tell stories through my paintings. I use the sgraffito format
for my work as I enjoy the freedom this medium gives me to
put layers of colour and to work back over the colours to
create a painting within a painting, thereby telling my stories.
Phone : 61 2 6368 2438