Our KALINYA Family - page 3
Bev and I are very proud to introduce you to more of our
feline family.
Born 8th February 2018
Kalinya YM Giselle
Kalinya OD Prima Diva is our most recent addition to the future of Kalinya and
Born 1st May 2018
Jontelle with Grandma Oriemme 171216
Born 11th October  2016
Kalinya GJ Jontelle has been allowed to stay here at Kalinya to continue the
legacy of her dad Kalinya MO Gentilhomme (Jonty) thereby maintaining the
previously lost lines of Kaloke Mandu and Blakewood Oriemme. Jontelle is a
chocolate point with a very nice type, fabuolous head with lovely ear size &
placement, terrific eye shape and a really nice personality. As a youngster, she
lacks a little in body length and tail length and her coat is tending to be a little long.
We will watch with interest how she develops as she matures in to a breeding
Jontelle has enjoyed early success on the show bench, winning Best Group 2
Exhibit and a number of Best in Group Kitten awards.

Jontelle's maturing to a meeting with our Yumi and motherhood is waited for with
anticipation and excitement to see what further develops for Kalinya Siamese. We
look forward to hopefully some babies very early 2018 to rehome around May
2018. .

Unfortunately Jontelle & Nature have not agreed with Nature deciding that Jontelle
was not too have babies. The painstaking decision to have her desexed was made
thereby ending our Jonty's line. Jontelle will spend her life at Kalinya as a defacto
Mum supporting other Mum's with their motherhood.
Jontelle 171216
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