Our KALINYA Family - page 1
Bev and I are very proud to introduce you to our feline family.
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Gd Ch. Lao Sabisha is a blue point lady and
having been a very successfiul brood queen for
Kalinya is now a lady of leisure having been
spayed Nov. 2010. She is a lovely strong type
with very nice blue colouring and she also has a
straight profile with strong chin. As a blue pt she
displays the "naughtiness" that seems to
accompany being blue. That's if our Pharaya is
anything to go by!!
Sabisha has been our most prolific mum having
produced litters with 6, 7, 8, 9,with the
occasional 5 & 3 kittens, & rearing each of them
without supplementing. Her strong outcross lines
enabled us to continue to provide strong healthy
kittens to our siamese customers.
Many Many thanks to Jacques and Elizabeth
Grenot for allowing us to have her.
Born 24th February  2004
Born 4th January 2005
No Surprise here that Kalinya Shabou's Magic
has remained with us!! After the struggle & fight
that he endured to stay alive and the endless
hours of feeding and dedication that "Mum" Bev
provided to
Shabou it was inevitable that the
bond could not be broken and that Shabou stay
with us.
He is a seal pt male who will be neutered. We are
convinced that he believes he is a human not a
cat and many of his characteristics enhance this
belief. The "cross-eyes" that he was born with
remind us all that he is Siamese !!
Shabou now earns his keep by being not only
Bev's bodyguard but also the protector of our
backyard. Just try coming in to the yard whilst
Shabou is patrolling !!
If ever a boy was spoilt - this one is !!
Am I a Lucky boy !!
Kalinya Leo is a chocolate point Siamese neuter who
we rescued from Wyong Pound in August 2011.
Through different adventures & a rehoming by his
original purchaser, we have been lucky enough to save
Leo from a fateful end.
When he arrived back with us he was severely under
wieght being only 3 kgs. He went straight to our vet for a
health check including vaccinating & worming. Once back
at an acceptable weight & showing a healthy strong
demeanour we offered him for rehoming. Two attempts
were unsuccessful due to him not being comfortable in
another new environment, bearing the legacy of the
trauma suffered whilst "roaming free"..
Each time he returned to us he showed immense
satisfaction at being "back home".
Leo the also developed the urge to spray, a trait
sometimes associated to males & also females.
Bev & I understanding Leo's history & his obvious love
for his Kalinya home decided that Leo's home for life
would be with us.
He now shares an outside cattery with Sabisha and
Jochan (RIP).
Born 5th September  2006
12th October 2016
Born 3rd September  2010
(PRA: Normal/Clear, Does not carry Chocolate or Blue)
Meet a recent addition, Gd Ch. Christernee  
Milla. A VERY VERY EXCITING new addition
to Kalinya !!
Milla brings back to us our oldest lines with Orielle,
Flame, Chamron, Artemisia all in this young ladies
pedigree. We thought we had lost this line & our
sincere thanks go to Peter, Christine & Renee
Gunczy (
Christernee Cattery) for allowing us to
have Milla.
Milla is an elegant yet strong boned female with a
beautiful personality. It's so nice to look back &
see in Milla now the advance in Siamese type
whilst still maintaining the full 8 generation "pure"
Siamese genetics.
We look forward to her appearance on the show
bench, but more importantly the arrival of kittens
from a mating with our stud boy Outback.
The very last litter of our former breeding girl Lealjo Delly,
provided us with a chocolate point female, now known as
KALINYA OUTBACK DELLINA. Being the only kitten in this
litter and female, we decided that she was to remain at
Kalinya to continue her mother's line. Coming with the unique
feature of a kink at tail's end, Dellina also kept her Mum's
character and beautiful ivory body with milk chocolate p
She is a strong, long girl who will be well suited to being a
Mum herself.
Hopefully with some blue genes proven to be in her
background and with the appropriate mating we just may
breed our own lilac point....something Kalinya has been
trying to achieve for many years.
Born 28th May 2012
(PRA: Carrier/Heterozygous - one copy, Does not carry Blue)