Our feline household currently consists of :

LAO SABISHA, born 24.2.2004, blue point spay
KALINYA SHABOU'S MAGIC, born 4.1.2005, seal point neuter
KALINYA THOMASINA, born 5.9.2006. chocolate point spay
KALINYA LEO, born 5.9.2006, chocolate point neuter
GD CH CHRISTERNEE MILLA, seal point female
BLAKEWOOD ORIEMME, born 12.1.2011, seal point femal
e  (arrived from USA 1st January 2012)
KALINYA OUTBACK DELLINA, born 28.5.2012, chocolate point female
ELIZABETHCAT SOUTH YUMI-OF-KALINYA, born 11.5.2013, seal point male (arrived from Japan
November 2013)
KALINYA OM JAZZI, born 8.12.2014. a seal point female

We are a registered cattery and hold membership with Cats NSW, adhering to their Breeder Code of
I am an accredited Cats NSW show steward as well as being a current committee member of the
newly formed Cats NSW, a past member of the NSWCFA Management Committee & past
President of Illawarra Pedigree Cat Fancy. Bev has been Catering Supervisor for I.P.C.F.'s shows  
and for Riverina Cat Club in 2007, 2008, and has assisted other clubs as a Ring Recorder, Trophy
Steward or Door Steward. As members of Riverina Cat Club, Tony was it's Club Secretary and Bev
the Catering Supervisor.
I have now attained my Group 1 and Group 2 Judges Licences and I am looking forward to handling
and assessing many exhibits in these Groups for very many years to come.

Bev & I have only recently (22nd June 2008) relocated back from Wagga Wagga to Unanderra,
Wollongong following a short 7 years "tree change" down in the Riverina.  

We love all cats but the heart & head rule
s - first love is Siamese. We are not a large cattery & are
not driven to achieve show bench success at every show. Our ambition is to breed a "pure" Siamese
of such quality that it can not only successfully compete against Colourpoint Shorthair (Siamese
lookalike) but that it can achieve Supreme in Show status.
We love the opportunity of promoting to the general public responsible cat ownership & of course,
the ownership of a Siamese.
Our cattery ("KALINYA", aboriginal word meaning "good") has been registered since 1966 when I
was aged 13. I was raised in a "siamese" household where my mother was the initiator of my feline
involvement. Mum, Val Hurry,  is now an All Breeds Judge, very astute & extremely well respected in
the Cat Fancy around Australia & New Zealand.
Although I went out of cat breeding for an extended period to concentrate on my human breeding
program,  I returned to this wonderful hobby in 1991. In early 1995 I met Bev who also has a love of
cats and who has become an integral and equal partner in not only Kalinya Cattery but also in my
life. After many years of rearing kittens, cleaning litter trays, feeding the feline family, attending Cat
Shows and making many new friends, we married in a quiet ceremony at Park Orchard, Victoria on
14th February 2002.